Repurposing Day 29: Blanket Pants

I can’t believe I only have one day left in my 30 days of repurposing challenge! I’m already planning my next challenge for December. I’m excited to start something new! Let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions for upcoming months!

Today, I’ll be showing you how I made a pair of pajama pants out of a soft, fuzzy baby blanket.

This won’t be a full tutorial since I used the same method for my sock monkey pants, so you can refer to that for more details!
Here is the blanket I started with.  A soft pink baby blanket with ballerina slippers on it. Lula loves ballerinas and we have a ton of these little blankets, so I figured we could cut one up!

I grabbed a pair of pajama pants for my pattern

Used it to cut 2 pant pieces on the fold (more details here)

Your pieces will look something like this

Sewed it up according to the tutorial and added elastic for the waist…

And we now have a new pair of cozy and thick pj’s perfect for winter!

The ballet slippers are perfectly displayed on the side of the pant leg (I was worried they might look funny!)

One day to go!

Repurposing Day 28: Skinny Pants

Yes, I’ve been taking some blogging time off for Thanksgiving.  I was feeling pressure from myself to continue with repurposing things during the holiday and I hated that feeling, so I decided to take a few days off and enjoy some low key family time without even looking at the sewing machine.

I am posting a new repurposing project today, though! I took a pair of old black pants and turned them into “skinny pants”.  My method is a bit different this time than my skinny jeans tutorial.

Here are the pants I started out with:

I turned them inside out and marked where I wanted to take them  in (I used a pair of skinny jeans that fit well as a guide)

Next, I pinned them so that the 2 layers would stay lined up evenly and then I sewed along the chalk mark.

After trying them on to make sure they fit properly, I trimmed off the seams

And done! A new pair of pants!

Repurposing Day 27: Make Your Own Skinny Jeans

I have a few old pairs of jeans lying around that are in good condition, but fit a bit awkwardly.  I decided to try to repurpose them into skinny jeans, just for fun! The end results aren’t too shabby, so I decided to share a tutorial! 
{Just as a warning, this is not the most “precise” tutorial. This is how I did it, I just kind of guessed my way through it. I’m sure there is a more professional way of doing this, but this is what worked for me!}
Here are my jeans before.  Gap jeans that are just a tad too short that I haven’t worn them in years.
The first step, is to put your jeans on inside out and pin , starting at the knee.  Just pin around your leg, making them as “skinny” as you like.  You can tweak it later.
Next, cut them, but don’t cut too close to the pins in case you pinned them a bit too small and need to make it larger later.
Now, sew along your pins. Don’t forget to backstitch and the beginning and end of your seam. (again, this is not very precise, I just eyeballed it all)
After you have sewn along the pins, try them on again right side out.  You will probably find a few areas that are a little funny. Turn them back inside out and re-pin any areas that need fixing.  For some reason, my left leg was much looser, so I had to re-pin and re-sew this area.
After you have tried them on again and are totally sure that they are how you want them, trim the excess fabric from the seam.
Now all you need to do is finish the seam so it doesn’t fray.  Set your machine to a zigzag stitch.
And zigzag the seam together.
And you are done! A “new” pair of jeans for free!  I love this project because I’m not convinced the skinny jean trend is here to stay and I don’t want to spend megabucks on a pair of jeans that will be outdated in a few years. 

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Repurposing Day 22: Easy Apron

For repurposing day #22 will be part 2 of the vintage skirt project.  Yesterday I made a easy doll pillow.  Today,  I’ll be making a simple child’s apron from the same skirt.

Here is the skirt I started out with:

I kind of just started cutting without much a plan and hoped I’d come up with some type of apron.  Probably a dangerous approach, but I’m just being honest. 

I cut an a-line shape, using existing hem as the bottom of the apron.  I also cut a portion of the waistband, but ended up using a different piece of fabric for the top portion of the apron.

I cut a strip, folded it in half and serged the edges together for the neck strap.  I also cut a square for the top portion of the apron (instead of the waistband I originally cut in the picture above)

I turned under the edges and topstitched, then slightly gathered the top of the a-line apron shape

Folded the cut square in half and pinned to the top of the gathered edge.

I also inserted the neck straps into the folded sides of the now rectangle shape and stitched everything closed. ( Sorry-this is not a great tutorial!)

Then, I cut off the hem and made that the tie for the waist.

Top-stitched it down…

And now I have an apron!

Honestly, with all my projects…I would definitely tweak it next time.  This probably shouldn’t come as a surprise since I did just start hacking away at the fabric with no plan.  The top of the apron is a bit odd. I think I would change that…

But all in all it’s pretty cute and Lula likes wearing it while playing in her kitchen!

And project #22 is complete!

Repurposing Day 21: Doll Pillow

Repurposing Day 21’s project will be the easiest so far.  Almost too simple to post, but I am doing a few different things with this sweet vintage skirt I found, so I wanted to document all of it.

Here is the long 70’s patchwork skirt I found at the Salvation Army. (A new one opened up near our house and it’s HUGE and amazing!!)

I fell in love with all of the awesome vintage prints.  They are so adorable! Plus, the skirt is so huge and long that I knew I could get a lot of use out of it.

I cut a rectangle

Folded it in half and stuffed it for a tiny pillow!

And this is the other side

I love those little floral prints

It’s the perfect size for Lula’s doll cradle.  (it was actually my wooden cradle that my dad handmade for me when I was Lula’s age.  We painted it white and gave it to Lula for Christmas a few years ago)

And it looks great with the tiny doll quilt I made

Stay tuned for part 2 of the patchwork skirt project! I made something super simple for Lula to wear!

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Repurposing Day 19: Fabric Memory Game

For Day 18, I whipped up a little project with some leftover vintage sheet scraps.  I’m not totally satisfied with how it turned out, but it was more of an experiment than anything.

I just cut up some rectangles and made sure to have 2 of each fabric.  Then, I used to serger and sewed each piece of fabric to a piece of card stock

The results are fine, but they won’t last long.  Next time, I will make them with felt like this example I found on Pinterest.

But, it’s a cute way to use up scraps.  Lula liked just laying them out and finding the pairs

When she’s a little older, we can flip them over and play memory!

It’s a fun and quick little project, but I will definitely be making another batch with felt for sturdier pieces

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Repurposing Day 18: Felt Flower Poufs

I’m doing another re-post today for a repurposing project.  This is a cute and easy way to spice up an old sweater, cardigan, scarf etc…enjoy!  I promise I have new projects to post soon!  After making my felt stockings, I’ve had a ton of leftover felt. So, I decided to try making these flower poufs, which ended up being very easy!! You can pin one on a sweater, headband, barrette, use it to decorate a package…the possibilities are endless!

First, you need to cut 8 felt rounds, the bigger the circle, the bigger your pouf will be.

Then, you are going to take four of the circles and fold them into fourths

Once they are folded, you need to pin them together to form a circle like pictured below. Use lots of pins because they are a little tricky to work with at this point.

After you have them pinned, simply sew them by hand in the center. Mine does not look pretty and I just kinda randomly sewed. This will not show in the end, so you basically are just making sure that nothing comes loose!

After you have sewed the first four circles, you will take the next four and do the same thing. Once they are folded, just layer them right on top of the four that are already sewn, and continue attaching so that you now have two layers of four folded felt circles.

After everything is attached, remove all the pins and you have a cute little pouf!! See, none of the messy stitching shows!

Repurposing Day 17: knit pant refashion tutorial

Confession: I’m TOTALLY cheating for today’s repurposing post.   I did this post a few months ago and I’m re-posting today for my repurposing project.  I was in Florida for 4 days and it really set me  back for my repurposing projects, so I’m playing catch up!  But, hopefully you will still enjoy this little project!

Lula has a pair of pink knit pants that she wants to wear every day.  They are size 2T, but Lula wears a 3T and is quite tall for her age.  So, needless to say…they are pretty short.
However, she is very skinny and now that she wears underwear, she doesn’t have that diaper bulge.  So, the pants fit great in the waist…maybe even a little loose.
I decided to turn them into capris so she can still wear then for awhile longer. 
First, I just cut them off at the length I wanted.
I decided to add a band of fabric to the hem for interest.
I just cut a strip about 2in wide and measured the length around the hem and then added a bit for a seam.
Iron the ends under about 1/4in and stitch
Fold and iron in half and stitch ends closed.
Finish off raw edge with a zigzag stitch
Then, iron the knit under about 1/4 inch and pin the fabric hem on.
Stitch in place about 1/4 inch from knit hem edge. 
I made it so that there would be a little gap in the fabric hem.
I made another strip of fabric similar to the hem and tied it, then hand stitched it in place in the center of the waistband
I love giving clothes a second life!

Day 16: Repurposed Sweater into Cardigan

Day 16 of 30 Days of Repurposing…I can’t take credit for this one at all! I followed this tutorial exactly.  

This is the sweater I started out with…it was a bit too small. I bought it at a thrift store a few years ago

And after cutting it down the center…

Adding some fabric on the inside for stability…

And some buttons (my first time at buttonholes!)

I now have a fully functional cardigan!

For a fully detailed tutorial, go here! 

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Repurposing Day 15: Waterproof Placemat

For Day 15 of 30 Days of Repurposing, I have a little bonus project from the same shopping bag that I used yesterday.

The great thing about the bib project, is that it only uses 1/2 of the bag.  So, now what to do with the other 1/2? Well, you could make a second bib. Or, you could simply just cut it into a square or rectangle

Then serge or zig zag around the edges…

And you have a wipeable placemat perfect for a messy eater!

Ours has gotten lots of use for sure!

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