DIY List Maker Notepad

You may remember me featuring this little notepad idea a few weeks ago that I found on Pinterest.
Well, I am in charge of creative activities for my church’s MOPS group and I decided this would be an easy and quick craft that everyone could do and use.  I had to modify it a bit for time constraints as well as budget reasons. I like to keep the crafts around $2/person if possible. 
This is my version:
These are the materials I used:
A flat hair rubber band (found at the $ store), twine, scrap piece of wood flooring (about 14 inches long), a receipt roll
(use one with recycled paper. the thermal ones are shiny and difficult to write on!) and a binder clip .
It’s so simple, you just assemble everything!
Tie on the receipt roll with the twine
Use the office clip to attach the twine (otherwise it will slip down.)
Pull out the receipt roll and wrap the hair band around it.
We found that the fabric wrapped band was nice staying in place, plus they came in bright colors and it looks cuter than a rubber band.  But you could certainly use a rubber band!
Write your list…
Pull it down…

And use the straight edge to tear it off!

Now it’s ready for a new list!

If we were allowed more time and funds at MOPS for this project…or if I was just making it at home, these are the added extras I would do…
Mod Podge
some cute scrapbook paper on the wood (like the original tutorial)
Mod Podge
paper onto the office clip, or buy a fancy one

-attach a heavy duty magnet
t to the back so I could stick it on the fridge
-attach the receipt roll with a cute ribbon

But, I still think the basic one is cute and functional!

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  1. 2

    Sharon says

    I love this idea, only one problem,,,where do i get the piece of flooring from? I'll just search around the shed. I can't wait to make one

  2. 5

    Ter404 says

    Excellent idea, I must have about 20 calculator rolls, but no calculator – this will make a great daycare gift for my wifes kids she takes care of. Thank a lot

  3. 7

    Anonymous says

    Just an idea, but cut a piece of stick on linoleum and use that instead of wood, then you can peel and stick it to where you want.

  4. 9


    This is a fantastic idea!!! I have a never-ending pile of post it notes and random pieces of paper floating around my car and my purse and all over my kitchen counter…I think I just need one of these. It'll help 😀 Thanks for the awesome suggestion 😀

  5. 10

    Anonymous says

    I'm thinking that instead of the elastic band at the bottom for the tearing edge, you could use zip ties. It won't wear out like the band will, and will hold plenty taut enough for ripping outwards.

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