Dining Room Table Redo

Do you have projects on your “to do” list that you keep putting other things in front of?  One of those things for me is our dining room table.  There are a number of reasons why. First off,  we’ve been getting by with a table cloth to hide the old and scuffed up finished.  Secondly, I have never refinished or stained anything in my life. I always just paint my furniture.  And lastly, it seemed like a daunting task to be without a table for a week or so.  But we put it on the priority list to complete the project this fall and we did it! Yay!

Here is the mid-century table and matching chairs that I inherited from my grandmother before:

Reid always wants to be on the blog

See how nasty the finish was?

We moved the table out on the deck and sanded it down with 120 grit sandpaper.

Then we sanded it a second time with a finer sandpaper – 220 grit I think  Some of the edges looked like this, so we just tried the best we could to sand it smooth
Next, we wiped it down with tack cloth

Then we applied 2 thin coats of stain.  We used Minwax Dark Walnut. It was a bit darker than the picture on the can, but we actually liked the end result better than the original color we were going for.

Since the grain of the wood goes in different directions and kind of makes a “V” shape on the table, it was kind of tricky to get everything even (since you are supposed to brush the stain on with the grain)

Lastly, we applied 3 coats of polyurethane.  The can said to wait 48 hours between coats, so that is why this project turned out to be so long! We also lightly sanded between coats.  I don’t have any pictures of that process, but here is the end result!

So much better!

We are still in the process of waiting another 48 hours before we can use it, but at least it looks pretty!

We will tackle those chairs another time so that they all match the color of the table.  I will probably recover the seats as well.  Lately I’ve been wanting to do something different with the dining space. It’s just a little blah.

I saw this on picture on Pinterest and immediately was inspired because the table and chairs are so similar to ours.  I love the deep teal and pendant drum light. Original source from Mint Peach.

The color reminded me of this room from Young House Love

I don’t know if I’m gutsy enough to do it, but a deep color would be so much fun since every other room in the house is so light and bright.


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    Good job Meg! Staining is always a big project, but you did great! Looks awesome. And I would definitely encourage you to paint the color of the first pic. The YHL room is probably a bit dark for your space. The first one might be easier to accept. :) You can do it!

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    Alysia Metcalf says

    Wow, it looks fantastic! Those are fun chairs too. I have a teal dining room (a little more gray to it than those ones) and love it. My vote is to go for it!

  3. 4


    the table looks so warm, rich, and fabulous and i think a cooler color on the walls would make it really stand out more. i am all for the teal!

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    Chanda says

    That was just a little spooky! I have that exact table and chairs. I was just thinking about what I should do about it when I clicked to read your post. I had to do a double take lol… My problem is that the finish on the table is perfect but my leaves have faded and the grain of them goes the wrong direction from the rest of the table.. I bought my set in hopes that I could keep a leaf in but it drives me crazy. So I have my 6 chairs crammed in around it. I was thinking I should just paint the top white and be done with it but I may attempt to stain the leaves to match the top instead.

    Oh and my bathroom is the same as the YHL room. I had just brought my paint home when they posted that. I love the color!

  5. 6

    homemadeginger says

    that is crazy about your table! we have the leaves as well and decided not to stain them for now…hopefully when the time comes, we can match it with the rest of the table! And good to know about the bathroom color! I will have to get some color samples and see how they look in my space!

  6. 7

    homemadeginger says

    I would love to see a picture of your teal dining room! That sounds like a fun color! I was also thinking of doing a color with a little more gray to it so it's not so bright.

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