Recipe: Orange Chicken Stir Fry

Sometimes the best meals come to me when we are limited on ingredients and I have to make due with what we have.  The other day, we were running low on everything and I needed to make dinner quickly when I got home from work.

I read a few orange chicken recipes and then just made up my own. It turned out spectacular! I made it again a few days later.  Since I just made everything up, I didn’t measure anything.  I think you can just throw everything together and add more here and there as you go depending on your tastes!

First, I cut up about 3 chicken breasts and marinated them for about 30 minutes (or less if you are in a hurry!)

For the marinade, I threw together about 1/2 cup of orange juice, 3 Tbs of soy sauce, 1 tsp of ground ginger, 3 Tbs of vegetable oil.  Again, you could add or leave out anything depending on what you like!

Next, I chopped up some broccoli.  The firs time I made this, I used green peppers and it was great.  You could use any veggie that you like!

Steam up the broccoli (or saute if that’s more appropriate for the particular veggies you are using).  I like mine to be slightly crisp.

Now, it’s time to get the chicken ready.   
Get a bowl of 2 egg whites and about 1 cup of flour. I used whole wheat just to feel a little more “healthy” since we’ll be frying up the chicken later. 

Roll a few pieces around in the egg whites

Then roll them in the flour

And put them on a wire rack until all your pieces are coated (this helps to prevent them from getting all gummy on the bottom)

Now heat up about an inch of vegetable oil in a skillet on medium high.  Drop in the chicken in batches

Once they are brown, put them on a paper towel or clean kitchen cloth until all the pieces are cooked. (make sure they are cooked through in the center!)

Meanwhile, cook up a sauce to pour over everything.  I don’t have any pictures of this, sorry!  These are the ingredients I used:
1 cup of orange juicezest of 1 orange1/4 cup soy sauce3 Tbs apple cider vinegar3 Tbs vegetable oil1 cup chicken stock1 tsp ginger3 tbs flour2tbs brown sugar

Heat everything in a saucepan until it thickens-maybe a little thinner than the consistency of syrup. (takes about 10 min…you can do this while frying the chicken)
Now, open a can of pineapple chunks…

Combine chicken, veggies, pineapple and sauce in a bowl and then add a few Tbs of sesame seeds.  Serve with rice and enjoy!

Like I said before, I just kinda threw it all together. So you could add anything you like or skip out on something you aren’t a fan of!

Fairy Wings and Crazy Face

Autumn is in full swing and we’ve been enjoying every moment of the glorious weather before winter moves in.  I had to get some pictures of my sweet girls while I could.  
Lula received some fairy wings for her birthday and she wears them around the house all the time.  She usually puts on a frilly skirt and some random shoes.  Today she is wearing some new black boots, which really sets off the ensemble well if I do say so. 
There is so much twirling and dancing at our house these days.
The little fairy also had fun collecting acorns for some fall decor.  It was the perfect afternoon for a long walk and some acorn hunting!
Meanwhile, Jane is almost a walker!! She can take many steps on her own, but still crawls most of the time.  I’m sure in a week or two, she’ll be a full fledged toddler!
Reid and I like to call this her “crazy face”
She does this anytime she’s excited about anything. Pretty adorable.
While it was still nice out, I had to put on this little blue vintage dress on Janie and take some pictures.  We did the same little photo shoot with Lula when she was the same age. I didn’t get many good ones because she’s sick right now and wasn’t too cooperative.  I will have to get some more and compare them with Lula’s pictures!
Hope everyone had a happy Wednesday!

Quick Headbands

I made a few little headbands a few weeks ago for a sweet new baby named Cora.  I took some quick pictures before I wrapped them up and wasn’t going to post them here, but decided to share!  There is no tutorial, but they are so easy to do!

I have just modified the headband pattern by Heather Bailey.
I don’t even measure out the with anymore, I usually just eyeball it.
I added some little flowers with felt. 
The one above is too small, though. But, thankfully it’s easy to take off the elastic and put in a longer piece! Oops!
I also sewed a little patchwork bib with some vintage sheet scraps
I usually just take a bib that I have and trace it for the pattern
It closes with a snap, but I sewed a button over it for a more finished look.

Garage Sale Finds

Yesterday, we happened upon a neighborhood garage sale.  It’s not an easy task to attempt garage saleing with 2 small children, but Reid was with me, so between the two of us we succeeded in stopping by a few sales.

We found some pretty sweet vintage finds, so I thought I’d share!

When we saw this little lion costume for $4, we knew we had to snag it. It fits Lula perfectly and it just so adorable.  Apparently a little lion wore it in the Wizard of Oz a long time ago.  I’m not sure if Lula will be up for wearing it on Halloween (she’s been talking about being a cat for awhile), but at least we have it to play dress up in.

At one particular sale, there were tons of vintage clothes from the 70’s and 80’s.  They were practically free, so we figured it didn’t hurt to grab a few things that caught our eye.
This dress is definitely 80’s.  It reminded me of something I might have worn in 1st grade.  I thought I could do something with it to make it a little more current. 
If anything I could cut it apart and use the fabric for something.  I just love the sherbet stripes.
Ok, the next batch are boy things.  NO, we don’t have a boy and NO I’m not pregnant! But, we just couldn’t pass them up.  
This little outfit is basically a mini version of what Reid wears every day.  A vintage plaid shirt (his closet is full of them). 
And the pants are hand made cords.  How cute are they with the red stitching?
We also grabbed these 3 vintage polos. 
I particularly love the Izod one
And then I saw this retro Carters shirt. It’s made out of a mesh type fabric and I thought the print was so old and cute that I had to grab it.
Who knows what I’ll do with it, but I couldn’t pass it up for a few cents!
And these little pants are made out of the same meshy fabric. 
They may work for pajama pants or something. I just loved the vintage little animal print!
Anyone else score some fun things lately at a garage sale?

Party Paper Flowers

Over the weekend, I had the privilege of helping out with a dear friend’s surprise 30th birthday celebration! Jessica was the birthday girl and we like to call her our “roomie” because she currently lives in our little basement apartment.

Jessica’s lovely sister, Karen planned the party and chose some super cute papers and colors for the theme. She appointed my friend Emily and I to be in charge of “decor”.
We knew we wanted to make some paper flowers for the centerpieces, but we weren’t sure how we’d go about doing it.  Since Jessica has an obsession with office supplies, we thought it would be cute to glue the flowers on pencils and put them in mason jars.  (I think that was all Karen’s brilliant idea!)
So, Emily and I got to work and this is what we came up with!
Each jar had three little blooms.
We just layered different papers and stuck a button on the center and glued everything on the pencils with a hot glue gun
Once we figured out what we were doing, it all came together quickly!
The best part is that now Jessica has 2 dozen new pencils that she can sharpen and use at work! Plus, they will look like a cute little bouquet sitting on her desk. 
I also made some tissue paper poms in the party colors (teal, orange & yellow)
We hung them from the lights over the food table.
The party was held in a super cool loft downtown, so not much decor was required.
I also made a few little paper banners and sewed them together on my sewing machine.
Oh and Emily made some cute little frames for Jessica to take home. Good work Emily!
Here we are with the birthday girl!
 (Emily, the other decorating mastermind, is on the far right)
Happy Birthday, Roomie!

Giveaway Winner!

First off, sorry for my lack of posting this week.  The stomach flu thought it would be fun to pay us a little visit this week.

Anyway, we have a winner for the poppy chain giveaway!!
The very last commenter, #59 was selected via!
Congrats! I will e-mail you with more info!

Autumn Wreath

I finally got around to making a new wreath.

My spring wreath turned into a summer wreath because it has sat on our door since April.

As much as I love the wreath, I was getting quite sick of it. Plus, I needed something a little more “autumnal” to adorn the door.
So, I got some cheap supplies and followed a similar method as my winter wreath.
So, without further ado, I present to you…

The autumn wreath

I wrapped a large straw wreath (with the plastic still on!) in gold yarn
Cut up some strips of burlap
Wrapped and hot glued the strips on…
Then, I took some felt scraps and made some little layered circles along with more burlap
Hot glued everything on
Oh, and I added some white berries leftover from another project to the centers

So simple and seasonal!
And I can keep it up until Thanksgiving!
I do love fall.

Giveaway: The Poppy Chain

Happy Monday to everyone!  I have an awesome giveaway for you all today!

Ashley from The Poppy Chain Boutique is giving away any item of your choice from The Poppy Chain etsy shop!!
There are so many pretty things to choose from!
I adore these tiny mum earrings
I love the vintage feel of the Chartreuse German Filigree Pendant
The orange sorbet lotus headband is so delicate and sweet
How fun is this emerald rose necklace?
And I love this sky blue rose filigree ring
And there are so many more things to choose from!
Oh, and actually everyone is a winner because all Homemade Ginger readers get 20% off anything by using this code: GINGER20

Ashely also has a cute blog, so be sure to check it out!!
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Giveaway ends Wednesday, September 14.

Guest Blogger: Cassie from Primitive & Proper!

I have another guest poster today for you all! Cassie from Primitive & Proper has agreed to share about her recent makeover on her daughter’s room.  It’s so adorable. I think my favorite part is the robins egg blue dresser!  I found Cassie’s blog a long time ago and she always has classy and creative ideas, so please go check it out!! I’m posting on her blog today about my bedroom makeover, so check that out as well!

Without further adieu, take it away Cassie!

Hello Homemade Ginger Readers!  I am so honored and excited to be here.  I am Cassie from Primitive & Proper, a blog where I share my furniture redos, my own home (which we sold and will be moving into a new home in about two weeks, so come on over to follow the adventure!), and a little of this and that.

I stumbled upon Megan’s blog a long time ago, and fell in love with her style- her daughter’s room and her living room are engrained in my memory forever!  Since I love Lula’s room so much, and love the eco-friendly vibe of Megan’s blog, I thought I would share my own daughter’s room which was done on a budget with many upcycled items!  Emmy is a 4 year old with an opinion and voice of her own, so I let her choose the color scheme, which was pink, orange, and blue.

The walls of her room were already painted “rosily” by Sherwin Williams, using their Harmony paint, which is low VOC.  I also refinished several pieces of furniture for her room, using all zero and low VOC paints such as Mythic, and Aura by Benjamin Moore, and Harmony.

The first piece of furniture I redid for her room redo was a bed that I found at a yard sale for $25.

I painted it in Alabaster by Sherwin Williams in Harmony paint.  Here you can see it in her room when we had more pinks going on in there.

The next piece I finished was a beautifully detailed dresser I found at the auction for $20.

  I painted it in Benjamin Moore’s Aura paint in Fairytale Blue.  Emmy and I had it narrowed down to a couple colors, but we loved the name of this one and I am sure you can see why!

I also found the perfect desk/vanity for her room that doubled as a nightstand.

It was painted in Orange Delicia by Mythic, and the knobs are clearance from Anthropologie a long time ago.

There were some other touches added, like new pillows, a clearance rug from Anthropologie, and I painted a tree on her wall using the orange paint from the vanity.  Here is what the room looked like when everything was all finished!

Her room in our old house was such a happy place for her to play.  We have been busy dreaming up her new room in our new house, and are excited to finally be able to get to work on it!  I would love for you to follow us on our new journey as we revamp a 70’s home and make it ours! (Assuming all inspections go well!)

Megan, thank you SO much for having me here today!  Have a wonderful weekend!

Shower Curtain Dilemma

I haven’t revisited my bathroom progress since I posted awhile ago after I painted the walls, woodwork and cabinets white.

Just to recap…
This is the bathroom when we moved in…

This is how it looked after we quickly painted it brown to match the shower curtain we already had from our old house…

This is how it looked in the midst of re-painting everything white…

And here it is now…

I bought a white shower curtain at Target last week with the hopes to do something to it.  My idea has been to paint it somehow.  I can’t decide what to do, so I decided to play a little in Photoshop before making any decisions.
I have light gray accents in the bathroom and one pop of orange, so that is kind of my color scheme. But the orange factor can easily go. 
I love this shower curtain by West Elm
I’ve seen people paint stripes onto curtains to mimic this look.  Here is what I came up with in Photoshop:
Here it is in blue to match the tile: 
Here it is in yellow…
When I posted about my bathroom remodel before, many people suggested I do yellow accents.  This was my first thought as well.  However, I have since realized that I have yellow accents in almost every room in my home.  So, I’m trying to think outside the box, which is why I came up with orange.
I also had the idea of doing a chevron stripe:
And here is the chevron in orange:
Here are some dots just for fun:
Lastly, I think some type of stencil would be super fun.  This is rough, but here it is in gray:
And in orange:
What do you think?
Honestly, I kinda just like the white
But painting would be fun as well! 
Decisions decisions…