Closet Curtains: Take Two

Remember my curtain failure?

I tried to dye these curtains to match our gray bedroom walls:
After that failed, I decided to convert the closet into a sewing nook.
I decided to try again on the curtains.
I went with my easy curtains made from cheap flat sheets.

 I still wanted them to be gray and since I knew the sheets were 100% cotton, I knew the dye would work this time.
I went with 2 boxes of RIT dye in pearl gray for 2 flat sheets.
The results….came out great!
The gray came out a little lighter than I was expecting, but I think it really blends well with the wall color.
The idea was for the curtains to be inconspicuous.
I made some little curtain tie backs for when I’m using the sewing nook
I went with an Anna Maria Horner fabric with some yellows and oranges.
Here is how it looks tied back:
I love it! I still need to work on some organization things for the sewing nook, but so far it has worked great and my life has less clutter now that I don’t have to drag the sewing machine out to the dining room table every time I do a project.
Here is the cost breakdown:
2 flat twin sheets from Walmart @ $5 each:   $10
2 boxes of Rit dye @ $2.50 each:  $5
Curtain tie back fabric from stash: free

Total: $15
Not bad for 2 long curtains with coordinating tie backs!
Check out my curtain tutorial here and the tie back tutorial here.