4 Ingredient Sugar Scrub

Whip up this easy 4 ingredient sugar scrub. Great for a DIY gift idea!

I’m sharing an amazingly easy recipe for some homemade sugar scrub.  It’s so simple and cheap, plus it makes a cute gift.  I’ve been using it on my hands and they really are so soft afterwards!

I found a recipe here and adapted it.
Whip up this easy 4 ingredient sugar scrub. Great for a DIY gift idea!


We didn’t use specific measurements, but this is how we did it:
Homemade Sugar Scrub
Equal parts brown sugar and white sugar (ends up being about 1/4 cup each for a 6 oz. jar)
Fill to the top with olive oil (cover the sugars and then maybe an extra 1/2 inch)

Add about 1-2 Tbs of vanilla extract for some yummy flavor.

Whip up this easy 4 ingredient sugar scrub. Great for a DIY gift idea!
You could also add essential oils, but that is a little pricier.
Whip up this easy 4 ingredient sugar scrub. Great for a DIY gift idea!

Put the scrub in little glass jars and enjoy! You can reuse a jar you already have or buy small glass ones at the craft store for about $1.

Go whip some up today!

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    This is what I use, minus the vanilla! My hairdresser told me about it years ago, and it's all I've used since. Best part is, if you accidentally taste some while "scrubbing" your face…it tastes good! :)

  2. 4

    Smotzy smotzy says

    Found this post through Vlijtig. Great tutorial and what a lovely bog you have. One more for my reading list.

  3. 5

    jessy vingerhoets says

    bedankt voor het recept! Ik heb de scrub net op mijn handen geprobeerd en ze zijn echt super zacht..voor de geur heb nog wat lavendelolie toegevoegd, heerlijk!

  4. 11

    Anonymous says

    I have a silly question. Does this get sticky on your body? Someone suggested they use it on their hands. Do you use it like when you're washing your hands? I assume it's not to be used like lotion, but I've honestly never used a sugar scrub before. How do you use it? Sorry, I feel really dumb.

    • 12

      Anonymous says

      No mam it doesnt it only does if you leave it on there for a while
      We did this in home ec
      It makes your hands arms legs anywere sooo soft!!

  5. 17

    Anonymous says

    Just joined Pinterest and this is the first thing I tried. My girls and I love it (especially because it's easy and CHEAP!). We threw a little Almond extract in it too.

  6. 18

    Anonymous says

    Just made some. I added peppermint oil this time. I plan on making again with lavender oil. Love it. Thank you! (also plan on making for teacher gifts for valentine's).

  7. 19

    Anonymous says

    Made it today while my bath water was running. It was quick and DEVINE! No more purchasing body scrubs!!! I am going to make them for teacher presents for Valentine's Day and jazz up the jar with hearts or some pretty ribbon. THANK YOU!

  8. 20

    Anonymous says

    I have super sensitive skin so I am wondering if this would be ok for my face……..Anybody have a thought on that????

  9. 22


    If you add a little cinnamon and nutmeg, allow to rest over night, it makes an invigorating facial scrub. Wash skin thoroughly before, scrub, pat dry, rub olive oil in. I used to sell lots of this, now that I am back in school . . . just for me, myself & I.

  10. 26

    Anonymous says

    I sell sugar scrubs and other natural products at my local farmer's market. I combine spices and essential oils, with honey. Honey is great for retaining moisture in the skin and a has antibacterial properties. I use honey on blemishes and they are gone pretty much over-night. Some of my customer favorites are: Lemongrass(EO) and Ginger(powdered spice), Coffee(used grounds)and Peppermint(EO), Oats(Old Fashioned)with Cinnamon(spice), Cayenne(spice) and Orange(EO). This last one has a warming effect and is great for feet! Please do not use on your face.

  11. 27

    Anonymous says

    Oops… just so there is no confusion. Add above ingredients to the sugar scrub recipe. If the olive oil is to heavy for you, it can be swapped out with Grapeseed Oil, and Almond Oil.

  12. 28


    I love homemade sugar scrubs because the scrubs that you buy in the store all have tiny little plastic pellets in them. They don't dissolve in the water and stop up my drain terrible.

  13. 30

    Anonymous says

    I just made this, used it and loved it! I used a half cup granulated sugar, half cup light brown sugar. I discovered that my "pure vanilla" was 40% alcohol! (Thanks for nothing McCormick) so I skipped that and used one of the suggestions above by adding one rounded tablespoon of fresh ground coffee, one rounded table spoon unsweetened cocoa powder and some fresh ground cinnamon. I mixed it all together and added some olive oil until I was happy with the consistency. Good stuff! I love it, my skin is so smooth! I have a very pricy peppermint salt scrub that I liked but if you had one little hang nail or 2 day old nick from shaving it would BURN! This solves that problem!

    • 32

      Anonymous says

      You could, but coconut oil is solid at room temperature, so it might make it a little more difficult to mix and use unless you heat it beforehand.

  14. 33

    Anonymous says

    Anonymous – vanilla extract is simply alcohol and vanilla beans. They use 35-40% alcohol and steep chopped vanilla beans in it. Then they strain it before bottling. So unless you use imitation extract (which I wouldn't recommend because who knows what weird chemicals are in it), any real vanilla extract has alcohol in it! Just wanted you to know!

  15. 34

    Anonymous says

    I buy sugar body scrubs at Marshalls all the time. LOVE using them in the shower as an all over body scrub. I do use the sugar scrub on my face – just like an exfolient and it is ok as long as you don't rub too hard. This has inspired me to make my own. THANKS!!

  16. 35

    Anonymous says

    I have made variations of this and love it. The last I made was, sugar, olive oil and Lavender essential oil. Then just for pretty, I had a few dried Lavender buds I sprinkled on top. I like to put it in the 4oz Mason jars and tie a ribbon or natural raffia around it. Great gift

  17. 37

    Anonymous says

    So do you mix it all together and let it set? Or do you mix the sugars and the vanilla and then add the olive oil?

  18. 39

    Anonymous says

    just made some of this and my hands are sooooo soft…. Can't wait to use it in the shower on the my legs… Thank you for the great post…

  19. 40

    Anonymous says

    I mAde some tonight cuz my hands n feet have been real dry n rough…
    After I used it my hands n feet felt so soft n smooth!! I applied lotion right after!
    I will be using the scrub everyday until the winter weather is done!
    Love thus scrub!!

  20. 43

    Delanda says

    I made this with olive oil and coconut oil, vanilla and coconut extract with 1/2 raw sugar and 1/2 table sugar, it was fantastic and smelled tropical :)

  21. 47


    Such a great idea and SO simple! I love scrubs. One that I have made before and absolutely love is used coffee grounds mixed with coconut oil. So simple but works awesome. Can be messy though. But smooth skin and less visible cellulite? Totally worth it 😉

  22. 48

    Anonymous says

    I use white sugar and baby oil for pedicures, But this recipe sounds even better. Feet and legs are left soft !

  23. 49

    Anonymous says

    I have made a similar scrub using 3/4 jar full of white sugar and filling the rest of the jar with a little dish washing liquid (pink coloured). Thats all, 2 ingredients. Works perfectly and smells great because of the dishwashing liquid :)

  24. 52

    Anonymous says

    Baking soda mixed with your favorite face wash is the perfect exfoliant for sensative skin. I have been using this for about three weeks and love it. Can't wait to try the sugar scrub on my hands and legs!

  25. 53

    Anonymous says

    Just made this and it's fairly nice. I used it as a body scrub and initially it felt like I rolled in butter, but uckily that wore off and now my skin is pretty smooth!

  26. 55

    Anonymous says

    I just made this as well. I added some melted shea butter and some coffee grounds – it smells like a latte! Great scrub!

  27. 56

    Anonymous says

    I made sugar scrub with 6tbs of virgin concur oil melted,One cup of brown sugar and about a 1/2 cup white sugar,2 tbs of honey and about 4 tbs of vanilla then I mixed about 1/2 cup of olive oil
    CAN'T WAIT FOR BATHTIME! Thank you for the inspiration!

  28. 57

    Jennifer says

    Found this on Pinterest and made it on Friday. LOVE IT! Mixed 1 tbsp of honey and one tablespoon of cinnamon with 1/4 cup of each sugar and olive oil to coat everything and it works great! My bf even commented on how smooth my skin felt.

  29. 58


    I just made some this evening for a Christmas gift. Smells great! To the recipe listed above I added some 'perfumed' oil (the kind you buy at a market in the city),and a few drops of shower gel. The shower gel gives it a slight moistness when rubbing on the hands, but when you dry off, the perfumed oil smell is evident and you feel the softness from the olive oil.

  30. 59

    Anonymous says

    Terrific Christmas Gift! I made some for nursery workers and for family. Thanks for the idea!

    Dollar Tree has great Christmas jars and they have cheap olive oil to fill it too!

  31. 61


    My 13 yr old daughter had just come to me tonight with sore, cracked skin on her big toe. I had told her to use lotion. All of a sudden, I came across this recipe on Pinterest, and made it right away. I had a really big (mayonnaise size) jar, so we used 1 cup of each of the sugars, and… a lot…probably about 2 cups…of olive oil, and a little bit of vanilla. We used in on her feet, and were AMAZED. Her toe is already softer, and her feet feel awesome. I used in on my hands, and loved it. Perfect! Thank you!!

    • 63

      Megan says

      Yes, extra virgin olive oil would work great. As for food coloring, I would be afraid that it would dye your hands, so I wouldn’t try it!


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