Bedroom Storage Solution

First, I want to apologize for the weirdly photographed pictures from my bedroom.  Every picture of my bedroom that I take ends up being odd and not true to color. So, just bear with  me!
Anyway, I whipped up this little project from One Yard Wonders.  It was so quick and easy! Our bedside tables are pretty small and I have nowhere to store my reading material.  So, I  made this little bed organization pocket.
It hangs on the side of the bed (again, horrible white balance in this picture!) and you can stuff your books, remotes or whatever else in the pockets. Genius!
It’s perfect for my Bible and whatever other random reading material I might have lying around!
The other amazing part is  that you use that rubbery shelf liner to go between the matress and box springs, which keeps the pocket in place.

Fabric Collage Wall

We have a big empty wall in our bedroom that I haven’t decided what to do with.  I knew I didn’t want to spend money on anything and just needed to come up with something to fill the space with stuff I had at home. 

I went in the garage and found tons of old canvases from my college art classes.  I decided it would be fun to cover them in some random fabrics and vintage sheets to create a little wall collage!

I also had a few empty frames that I used to mix things up.  I think I like the results.  I actually think I might keep adding canvases to make the collage a little larger.
But this works to fill up the space for now!!
As for how I did it, I simply wrapped the fabric around the canvas and stapled it on the back with a staple gun.  For the frames, the fabric is wrapped around cardboard and then put into the frame. Easy!

New Fabric to Love

I’m so in love with the new fabric line by Jessica Jones called Outside Olso.
I love both color schemes. It’s just so adorable and I want all of it! 
You can now buy it at The Needle Shop.

4 Ingredient Sugar Scrub

Whip up this easy 4 ingredient sugar scrub. Great for a DIY gift idea!

I’m sharing an amazingly easy recipe for some homemade sugar scrub.  It’s so simple and cheap, plus it makes a cute gift.  I’ve been using it on my hands and they really are so soft afterwards!

I found a recipe here and adapted it.
Whip up this easy 4 ingredient sugar scrub. Great for a DIY gift idea!


We didn’t use specific measurements, but this is how we did it:
Homemade Sugar Scrub
Equal parts brown sugar and white sugar (ends up being about 1/4 cup each for a 6 oz. jar)
Fill to the top with olive oil (cover the sugars and then maybe an extra 1/2 inch)

Add about 1-2 Tbs of vanilla extract for some yummy flavor.

Whip up this easy 4 ingredient sugar scrub. Great for a DIY gift idea!
You could also add essential oils, but that is a little pricier.
Whip up this easy 4 ingredient sugar scrub. Great for a DIY gift idea!

Put the scrub in little glass jars and enjoy! You can reuse a jar you already have or buy small glass ones at the craft store for about $1.

Go whip some up today!

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Updated Tutorials Page

I want to apologize for my blogging absence this week.  We had a little medical scare with the baby, which has consumed my heart and mind the past few days. 

Thankfully our worst case scenarios did not play out and although we aren’t totally sure what is going on with her health, she is happy and I’m sure will be fine!

I did want to let everyone know that I finally finished updating the “tutorials” page.  Hopefully it is much more accessible, check it out! 
I plan to update the other pages this weekend as well.
I have more posts to share, so stay tuned!