How To Make a Modern Silhouette

{I’m re-posting this project from last year for Mother’s Day! This is a fabulous gift for anyone who’s looking for something easy, crafty and personal to do last minute!}

Happy Mothers day to everyone! I made this simple silhouette of Lula for both of her grandmothers for Mothers Day. It turned out so cute that I plan on making a larger scale one for Lula’s bedroom.  Here are the instructions for making one:


Decorative paper (I just used some scrapbooking paper from Hobby Lobby)

Exacto knife or scissors
Profile photo of your child printed on cardstock
Spray adhesive
Picture frame
Black acrylic paint
Paintbrush or Sponge brush

First, I outlined the profile with a black marker, simplifying it as much as possible. Don’t forget to add in an eyelash and neck!

Next, I simply cut it out with an exacto knife.

Next, I flipped the photo over and painted the backside black.  I did about 2 coats to eliminate any streaking:

After it dried, I sprayed some spray adhesive to the back of the silhouette and attached it to the scrapbook paper.  DONE! So easy!

There are so many options and variations for this project. You could do the silhouette out of the decorative paper on a solid background. Or you could make the silhouette white on a printed background…you could probably do it on fabric, or just do the traditional black on white.

$6 Vintage Mirror Makeover

Remember this mirror that I picked up for $6 from an antique store for my bedroom?
I added a coat of primer and a few coats of white paint on top of the gold painted wood detailing….
After the paint had cured for a few days, I lightly sanded away some of the paint to reveal bits of the gold underneath.
I like how it turned out, although I feel like the space above my dresser still needs something else. 
New hardware will be coming to the dresser soon, which will help!
And don’t you love this vintage sewing box? I keep all my jewelry in it…
It matches my Granny’s turquoise jewelry box perfectly.
Has anyone else had mirror painting success?
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800 coffee filters and 50 glue sticks later…

I finally finished my coffee filter paper lantern!  Most of you guessed what I was making for the bedroom. 
 It was a little labor intensive, but I love it!! Reid was skeptical that it would be too “girly” for the bedroom, but he loves it as well!
When I saw this lantern, I knew I had to try it!
Here is how I did mine:
I was naive enough to start out with 200 coffee filters.  Needless to say, I made 2 more trips to the store to get more. Good thing they are less than $1 for 100!
I already had a $2 paper lantern lying around.
I started out by taking a filter…

Twisting it up a bit…

And then cutting off the end.
Then just hot glue the cut end onto the lantern.  You want them to be very close together.
This is how it looked after 200 filters. I had a loooong way to go…
The most expensive part of the project was this pendant light kit
that I got off of Amazon.
Once all the coffee filters were glued on, I trimmed them down to make them nice and even…and then hung the lantern!
The room is not finished, so excuse the mess and temporary curtains
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3 Layer Brownies

Here’s a delicious recipe for your Wednesday!

I started making these brownies in middle school.  I think it was one of the first things I baked.  I’m not sure where the recipe comes from, but they are still a favorite!
Megan’s Special 3 Layer Brownies
First Layer:
1 Cup Rolled Oats
1/2 Cup flour
1/2 Cup brown sugar
1/4 tsp. baking soda
1/4 tsp. salt
6 Tbs. butter, melted
Preheat oven to 350.
Mix together oats and sugar.  Sitr in butter and set aside.  Sift dry ingredients, add slowly to oat mixture, stirring well.  Pat into lightly greased 8″ square pan.  Bake 10 minutes. Remove from oven.
2nd Layer:
1/4 cup butter, melted
3/4 Cup sugar
3 Tbs cocoa powder
1/4 tsp. baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 Cup milk
1/2 tsp. vanilla
2/3 Cup flour
1 egg
1/2 Cup chopped nuts (optional)
Mix together butter, sugar and cocoa.  Beat in egg and set aside.  Sift dry ingredients.  Add to cocoa mixture along with milk and vanilla, stirring well.  Add nuts.  Using spatula, being careful not to touch sides of pan, spread 2nd layer over 1st.  Return to oven and bake for 25 min more.  Remove from oven and cool completely.  
Frost with chocolate frosting.  I make a buttercream like this one.

Guest Blogger: Creative Household Solutions for a Man

I’m excited to have my very first guest blogger today! My husband, Reid, is going to share some helpful tips on how to accomplish manly tasks using crafty items.  Take it away, Reid!

Thanks Megan! Let me first begin by saying I am your #1 fan. I have read your blog at least 5 times. Homestyle Basil is my favorite blog…or whatever it’s called.
Manly Project #1
Ok, so for our first manly task I am going to demonstrate how you can fix a leaky pipe with a few simple tools and a couple scraps of Heather Bailey fabric. (Note: You can use other types of fabric but I have found Heather Bailey fabric to be the most durable in stopping leaks). 
Like any normal plumbing job you will want a hammer, staple gun, crescent wrench, and hot glue gun. Pretty typical stuff so far. In addition to this array of tools you will also need some fabric scraps and a seamstress measuring tape. (Note: It is vital that you use a hammer that looks like it was designed by Playskool)
Now, depending on how bad the leak is, you may find it necessary to use an entire fat quarter. If that is the case I would STRONGLY recommend that you use Amy Butler. I can’t tell you how many leaky pipes I have sealed with Mrs. Butler’s bold and vibrant patterns.
Once you have determined how much fabric to use based on the size of the leak, the next step is quite easy. Simply take the fabric and wrap it around the portion of the pipe where it is leaking. You will then want to just, I don’t know, tie it in a bunch of knots and stuff. (Note: You must be left-handed for this to work). 
To go the extra mile and ensure that the leak never rears its ugly head, take your staple gun and give that pipe a few shots, securely fastening the fabric to the pipe. That should do the trick. If the problem persists (which I doubt it will) you should go ahead and use the hot glue gun for a double dose.
Here is a picture of what you will look like doing this very manly project. You can order your authentic Reid mechanic shirts on my Etsy shop. We only have XS and XXXL left in stock.

Manly Project #2
 Now we have all been in that situation where we are sitting on the throne and we find ourselves in that precarious dilemma of needing TP and not having any. So what do you do? Simple answer: Take those leftover scraps of fabric and vintage sheet material and store them in the bathroom to use for a more eco-friendly and frugal alternative to conventional TP. 
I personally prefer the touch and softness of vintage sheets over fabric. Plus, the floral patterns found in vintage sheets take me back to the summers I spent camping as a child…we would often go to the bathroom outside among the wild prairie flowers.
 Manly Project #3
For all you rock n’ rollers out there who enjoy banging their heads to hardcore groups like Hootie and the Blowfish and Creed, you will really benefit from this next project. 
Playing the guitar (or at least pretending to in front of the mirror by yourself) with a strap can be rather chafing. How can you rock out for as long as you want while not rubbing your shoulder raw? Well this is where our friends fabric and vintage sheets help us out.

Take your favorite floral patterns (you know, the ones that scream “I am so hardcore it’s not even funny”) and tie them together for a no-sew guitar strap. I recommend using “double windsor navy seal bowflex knots” myself, but any old knot will do. 

Simply measure out the fabric to the length that will make you look the coolest and voila! You are ready to head on down to the local tavern this Tuesday night to play in that Goo Goo Dolls cover band you’ve always dreamed of.
Manly Project #4
 For my final manly project, I want to show you all how to make a high mileage motor oil out of common household products. (Note: This oil is only to be used in 1989 Buick Skylarks).

All you need is some Starbucks decaf ground coffee (use non-decaf for diesel engines), corn syrup, baking soda, hot fudge, Dr. Bronner’s soap, and worcestershire sauce.

Use a pinch of coffee, a dollop of corn syrup, a dash of baking soda, a heaping spoonful of hot fudge, a good portion of Dr. Bronner’s soap, and however much worsctershire sauce as you feel like in the moment.

Let the ingredients sit in the sun for 6 hours, boil it at room temperature anytime between 2:30 and 4:00 a.m. for 2 hours+3 more hours, then freeze it for a 1 hour less than what you boiled it for divided by the number of ice cubes in the freezer. Once that is done, put it on your nightstand and it will be ready for use the following morning.

In Conclusion

We hope you have enjoyed today’s guest blog post. Thank you for stopping by.
Happy April Fools Day!!!