2011 Calendars from Etsy

The past few years I haven’t had a cute calendar.  I just never found one I liked in time and resulted in using a free one we get every year from the grocery store. Lame. So, I’ve been hunting some awesome calendars on Etsy for 2011. I’ve found so many great ones, I just had to share.  Now I need to decide which one to buy!
 I love this mid century modern calendar from papergoods.
Here is a beautiful letterpress floral calendar from albertinepress
These whimiscal illustrations from freyaart are simply adorable.
This letterpress calendar almost has a vintage circus feel. Its from aManoPress
I’m in love with this owl calendar from Gingiber.  I also adore how they’ve displayed it with the clothespins. What a cute idea!
From Winifredstudios, this calendar has a very graphic modern feel. I want one of those popsicles.
Here’s another simple and modern one from Prissdesigns.  I think these colors would be perfect in my house!
I like how this calendar has a very retro feel.  It’s also not super “girly”, I see a guy liking this one. It’s from toxicguineapigs.
Ok, so now there is no excuse to settle for a calendar of kittens dressed like humans or babies dressed up like fruit.  Anyone else find a calendar they love?


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