Felt Christmas Garland

I decided to use up some of my felt scraps and create an easy and adorable Christmas tree garland this year.  I’ve seen some similar around and knew it would be super easy to make!

The most tedious part was cutting out all the circles.  I made them all about the size of a quarter, but you could do various sizes if you wanted.

Then, I simply sewed them together, stitching down the middle of each circle and leaving a space in between each one. I used gray thread to blend with all the colors.
I love how it adds color to our tree! I made 2 fairly long garlands with my scraps. Maybe I’ll make more next year to hang along our mantle.

Christmas Projects in the Works…

As the holidays are quickly approaching, my list of projects is quickly growing! I have so many ideas of handmade gifts and decor items that I need to get started on. Remember the stockings I made last year?

Obviously, we need a fourth stocking to add to the mantle for miss Jane! I actually went ahead and cut out a stocking last year, having just found out I was pregnant while I was making them.  But, I don’t know what to put on the front yet. The stocking will be green…I’m thinking maybe ornaments? We’ll see!

I’m also loving this wreath by tatertots and jello.:

But maybe with more of a Christmasy feel.

I have an idea for some ornaments for the girls as well!

The only thing that is holding me back from starting any projects are some photos I need to finish editing for some patient friends, a hard drive that just crashed (which makes the photo editing a bit challenging) and the stomach flu that has hit Reid and Lula…I’m praying Jane and I aren’t next!

Sunny Pictures for a Dreary Day

I’m enjoying these pictures from this past weekend to warm me up on this cold, rainy November day. 
Reid and I had the privilege of attending a conference in Melbourne Florida for 2 days. We took Jane with us on our adventure and Lula stayed home with friends and family.  Although it was a short trip, it was a relaxing time in warmer, sunny weather!
The day started off bright and early, we woke up at 4:15 in order to catch our flight. Here is Jane in the Moby wrap, which she was in for pretty much the entire trip.  She did great on the flight except for throwing up all over me on the way there.
But it was all worth it! We went straight to the beach as soon as we got to our hotel.

Don’t tell Lula that Jane has now seen the ocean before her.
This is the view from our hotel room. I’ll buy that.

Oh, and Jane is allowed to be out of her harness a little bit each day now, so she was in a good mood.
We decided to be adventurous and order crabs. Then we realized we had no idea how to eat them. I’m sure we looked like idiots trying to figure it out. Our conclusion: not worth the effort of peeling off all those shells…I think we burned more calories than we actually ate.
Jane was loving one-on-one time with Mommy and Daddy.
She even started laughing for the first time on the trip!
And got lots of much needed rest.
One last picture before we left for chilly Kansas. Although Reid was in meetings pretty much the whole time, it was still a great excuse to get away and meet new friends. We hope to make it next year!

$1 chairs + spray paint + cute fabric = love

  A few years ago, I picked up 3 retro chairs for $1 each at a garage sale.  I originally spray painted them yellow and covered the seats with vinyl fabric and they went on the deck.   However, we never use the deck, so therefore, we never used them and they just got dirty. When I needed a chair for our computer desk, I decided to bring two of them indoors and spruce them up a bit!
Here is one of the lovely chairs in our front living room after the makeover!
 I just used some of this lovely fabric by Jessica Jones and just traced around the seat cushion, making it a few inches bigger.
Then, I spray painted the chairs.
I simply wrapped the fabric around and used my staple gun to attach it under the cushion.
I love how the retro inspired fabric matches the styling of these chairs!

And it looks great with my computer desk! Oh yeah, and remember the  mousepad
linked here

Furniture Feature Fridays

Light Fixture Quick Fix

The light fixture you see above was dirty, ugly and old. It barely gave off any light because the glass was so cloudy.  Last weekend, we took it down, cleaned off the glass and spray painted it black. The whole thing took maybe 30 minutes. I think it turned out pretty good! 
We also took down the numbers on our house and spray painted them black as well.  At first, we were going to buy new black ones for $5 each, but then we realized, why not use a can of leftover spray paint and do it for free? 
What weekend projects are you working on?

Fabric Flowers

Here is the other project that we did in MOPS.  I took this fabric flower tutorial and changed it up a bit. (Just like I did with Jane’s headband awhile back).  We cut 4-5 circles of fabric in different sizes and layered them on top of each other.  Then, we chose a center for the flower.  Tiny buttons, beads and pom poms work well.  After sewing in the center, we either made it into a little hair clip or a magnet. Lula’s hair clip looks so cute and our fridge now has a few cute magnets! Love it!
These would also make great little gifts. So simple and inexpensive.

three months

Baby Jane is 3 months old! I’ve been taking a picture of her each month, using this idea.

 Here is her 2 month photo. Recognize the fabric? To see her one month photo, go here.

For this month, Jane is playing on her amazing quilt made by her Lolly!

Jane has doubled her birth weight and is now a whopping 10 lbs! Good girl!
You may have noticed something missing in the first picture. Every other day, Jane gets about 5 minutes without her harness while I give her a bath.  It’s 5 minutes of pure bliss for Jane as she is free!
She is so content and smiley during her harness-less time, I just had to take some pictures
She loves to kick and stretch those legs as much as possible before that stinkin’ harness goes back on

And then, she is NOT a happy camper when it goes back on. But, after a few minutes, she forgets and goes on with life…until her next bath.

Mousepad Makeover Tutorial

 Recently, I bought some awesome fabric to recover some chairs for our front living room/office. I had some leftovers and decided to revamp our mousepad. So easy!
Here’s the mousepad before:
I just traced around it onto the scrap fabric:
And cut it out:

The, I just applied some spray adhesive onto the back of the fabric and adhered it to the mouse pad.

And now I have a new coordinating mouse pad!