thrift store owl makeover

I found an ugly little ceramic owl at the thrift store this weekend that I thought had the potential to be kinda cool with some paint. Before I got any further, I had this post all ready to go and then looked at one of my favorite blogs this morning to find out that they posted the same exact project except with a frog! I thought that was kinda funny. I promise I didn’t rip this off of them, I guess we were just on the same wavelength.

Here is the lovely little owl that I purchased at Savers (my new favorite thrift store!) for $3.99:

With a can of leftover gloss spray paint and about 10 minutes of time…

It now looks like this!

Four Fall Prints

In light of the autumn season that is approaching, I thought I’d share some crisp fall prints I found on Etsy. I have my eye on one of these that I think will be perfect hanging above the sofa.  Hopefully it’s still available when I’ve saved enough money!  Add a little autumn to your decor and support an Etsy artist!

left to right:   Perennial Moment by papermoth – $18; Autumn in New York  by matteart– $60; la foret 3 by aliette – $24; Cherries print by jellybeans – $15;

family of four photos

Our amazing photographer friend, Erin Hiser took our first photos as a family of four a few weeks ago. They turned out so awesome despite the fact that Lula was less than cooperative. You can’t even tell! Great job, Erin! Can’t wait to get some printed and framed!

landscape redo part 1

After living with less than desirable landscaping for over a year, we’ve finally decided to rip out all our overgrown bushes and start over. We’ve basically done nothing to the front of our house since we moved in.
Here is the front with half of the bushes ripped out.


Reid enjoyed destroying those bushes with the chainsaw. He’s so manly.


Our yard now looks like a tornado hit, but I can’t wait to share the final results when we are all done!


one month

Jane Suzanne is already one month old and growing.  She is up to 6 lbs 8 oz! We are so happy to be out of the “5’s” finally.  She’s just gigantic now! :) 
After seeing this adorable photo idea on young house love, I’ve decided to do it with Jane. I’ll be documenting her every month instead of every week, though.  Here is this month’s photo!

The fabric is actually a vintage sheet that Reid picked up for me on one of his out of town trips this summer. He picked it out all by himself..I love it!

Jane is starting to get that wide eyed look as she sees the world for the first time


and of course, I can’t get enough of those tiny baby feet

vintage floral card

Remember when I participated in a vintage sheet exchange? Well, I put some of them to work to make this fun card. I used 4 different sheets for this one and love how it turned out. Can’t wait to make more! 
I sewed the strips of fabric with the machine and then hand stitched on the individual flowers.
I decided to add one button on the large flower for some extra texture and interest.
To see some of the other fabric cards I’ve made go here and here. And then go make some of your own!