Quilts for Hope

That is me with the beginnings of a quilt that I can’t take much credit for. My mom made the pieced blocks and I just sewed them together! But I did it in only a few hours, so I can take credit for that!!

Our church is beginning a campaign to support an orphanage in Rwanda called New Hope Homes. Since my mother has a passion for quilting, she has organized a little group to make quilts for each and every child in that orphanage. That will be about 30 quilts total. We plan to put a label with the names of the specific children on the backs of the quilts so that they will each have their own special one. I have not done much quilting at all, but I am really excited to learn from the other ladies while doing it for a worthy cause! 

The children LOVE bright colors and wild prints, so I’m sure we will produce some fun and interesting quilts. I will be sure to post more pictures later! (Maybe I will actually make a quilt I can take credit for.)

Check out some of my mom’s incredible and beautiful work here and tell her to start her own blog!