So, I have been pretty absent lately, but I have a few really good excuses.

Excuse #1: Our internet hasn’t been working which makes it pretty hard to “blog”.

Excuse #2: I’m expecting baby #2 and was pretty sick for a few months, which made me very unmotivated to do anything other than lay on the couch.

BUT…now I am feeling great at 15 1/2 weeks and I have tons of projects on the horizon. So, get ready for lots of updates in the future. I am feeling back to normal and can’t WAIT for spring!!

Here is a little preview of what I have going on in my mind. Lula will be moving into a big girl room, and the baby (we won’t be finding out the gender) will be moving into Lula’s gender neutral nursery. (yay for not having to re-do anything!) But, I’m so excited about Lula’s new room. Here is a room I will be using for inspiration.

My  mom is taking me to my favorite fabric store in Lawrence, KS for my birthday. I will hopefully stock up on lots of fun fabrics for Lula’s room as well as some other home projects that I’m excited about.

And, the other thing to motivate me, is that I’ve just joined the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild. I am hoping ot make Lula a quilt for her big girl bed, and I’m super excited about joining the quilt guild and learning from young, hip quilters my age…as well as older experienced ones. :)

So, this was not a very exciting post, but stay tuned for lots of exciting projects in the future!

Quilts for Hope

That is me with the beginnings of a quilt that I can’t take much credit for. My mom made the pieced blocks and I just sewed them together! But I did it in only a few hours, so I can take credit for that!!

Our church is beginning a campaign to support an orphanage in Rwanda called New Hope Homes. Since my mother has a passion for quilting, she has organized a little group to make quilts for each and every child in that orphanage. That will be about 30 quilts total. We plan to put a label with the names of the specific children on the backs of the quilts so that they will each have their own special one. I have not done much quilting at all, but I am really excited to learn from the other ladies while doing it for a worthy cause! 

The children LOVE bright colors and wild prints, so I’m sure we will produce some fun and interesting quilts. I will be sure to post more pictures later! (Maybe I will actually make a quilt I can take credit for.)

Check out some of my mom’s incredible and beautiful work here and tell her to start her own blog!