Caesar Wraps

This is a great, fast and healthy meal idea that we’ve been loving. I’ve been making it a few times a month lately and it’s sooooo good! I got the idea when I found a recipe for homemade caesar dressing recipe  on Passionate Homemaking. I have also made her italian dressing and it’s fabulous and super easy!

There is not even really a recipe to post besides the dressing. I just saved an old salad dressing bottle to keep it in. The other thing that I did differently than the recipe that is linked above, is that I make mine in the blender. I find that it makes the dressing much smoother and easier to transfer to your storage container.
For the actual salad, I just use romaine lettuce, maybe some red or green onions, shredded parm. cheese and grilled chicken breast chunks. Then,  I make my own croutons using old bread I usually have on hand. I just cut the bread into cubes, toss it with some melted butter, garlic salt and oregano and bake at 400 until crispy.
Serve on flour tortillas and you are done!

18 Months and Tour of Lula’s Room

Lula turned 18 months a couple of weeks ago. I can’t believe it! I hadn’t taken any pictures of her in a little while so we had a little photo shoot in her room. (Notice the flower hair clip she is modeling) I just had to share them!

I also thought some might be interested in seeing a few of the projects I did in Lula’s gender-neutral nursery before she was born. We had little to no budget, so everything was sewn or re-painted ourselves! (along with my mom’s help)
This is the bedskirt I made using some cute fabric by Alexander Henry. The orange dot is by Amy Butler.

Another one of the many things you can do with freezer paper! I made these to match the animals in the fabric. It’s just fabric that I stenciled and stretched onto canvases, then stapled with my trusty staple gun . They are hanging over the changing table/dresser.

We found this 100 yr old rocking chair at a garage sale for $20! I painted it white and re-covered the cushion, then made a matching pillow. It’s super cute, but not the most comfortable for those late night feedings. Thankfully we are past that stage, but I may be investing in a more modern glider for future babies!

We did not have a budget for furniture, so we just re-painted my old bedroom furniture from when I was a little girl.  We replaced the hardware and did a little sanding to achieve the “shabby chic” look. The dresser doubles as a changing table which I love.

And lastly, panel curtains using that same orange Amy Butler dot.

Making things for Lula’s nursery was so incredibly fun for me. I also love the fact that it’s totally gender neutral and can be used again for a boy! There you have it, a little piece of the life of Lula Maureen!

year in a box

We will be implementing a new tradition in 2010 called “year in a box”.  Basically, a the beginning of the year, we will be taking a shoe box and decorating it for that year. Then, throughout the year, we will be putting things in the box that represent different things we’ve done as a family, big events…anything really. For instance, we could put ticket stubs in the box, pictures, trinkets, anything that will serve as reminders as to what took place in 2010. Then, on new years eve, we will go through the box as a family.  We had great plans of making an awesome box, but then we decided that we really wanted to Lula to participate in the decorating of the box. So, we just took out the crayons and traced our hands and drew silly little designs. It was a great family activity on January 1st! I’m excited to see what our boxes will look like in the future and all the things that they will hold inside.

Homemade Bagels

We’ve been eating a lot of bagels lately for some reason. So, I decided to try using my bread machine to make them! They turned out sooooo good, I had to share!
This is the recipe I used:
1 cup water
1 1/2 tsp salt
2 Tbs sugar
3 cups flour
2 1/4 tsp active dry yeast
I just set the bread machine on the dough setting, added the ingredients, and let it do it’s magic!  Then, I just let the dough rest for a few minutes.

Next, I cut it into 9 pieces

Then, I just rolled the pieces into balls, poked a hole in the middle, and formed them into bagel shapes. They didn’t come out very perfect, but they still resemble bagels.  I let them rest again for about 10 minutes.

Now, for the part that makes them have that chewy bagel goodness….you just boil a few at a time for 1 minute in water mixed with a few Tbs of sugar

After they have been boiled, they are a little bit puffed up. Then, put some cornmeal on a baking sheet and place the bagels on the prepared sheet.  Before baking, I brushed the tops with egg whites. This allowed them to have that shiny top when they came out of the oven.

After baking for about 20-25 min in a 375 oven, they came out perfect!!

Next time, I am going to try to mix things up a bit and experiment with whole wheat bagels, and maybe adding toppings like poppyseeds, coarse salt, cinnamon sugar…the possibilities are endless!