High Five For Friday

Friday, April 18, 2014

I'm following the blogger trend and listing my top 5 things from the week for Friday.  I don't do enough of these life updates and I know they are always popular.  So, here ya go!

5. Pearl Turned One!

We celebrated Pearl's first birthday over the weekend. I still can't believe it's been a year. It seems like just a month ago I was 8 days overdue and miserable. You must check out my post on her woodland themed party.

4. Lula's First Tooth!

Lula lost her first tooth 2 days ago! I always assumed she'd be late to losing her teeth since she got them late, but she surprised us! She was very concerned while it was loose all week but was excited when it finally fell out. She put the tooth under her pillow and kept talking about the tooth fairy, but as I was putting her to bed last night she said "Mom, I know the tooth fairy is actually you. Fairies aren't real". I thought that was pretty funny.

3. Easter Dresses

My mom made the girls some adorable Easter dresses from the Oliver + S Roller Skate Dress pattern. Lula has already tried her on and I can't wait to see how Jane and Pearl look in theirs.

2. Magazine Models!

Ok, this totally took place a long time ago, but I realized I never shared it with you all! Lula and Jane were honored to be models for our local vintage magazine, Vintage KC. This issue had a section on girls vintage clothing.
Jane wore a blue dress from the 50's. She got her hair curled by a hair dresser before the shoot and I love it. So curly and crazy just like Janie.

Lula wore a green dress from the 60's. She also just looked adorable.

And they were thrilled to take photos with their BFF, Joanna who was wearing an adorable dress from the 70's. Click over and look through the whole issue!

1. My First Half Marathon!

You may have seen this on Instagram, but I ran my first half marathon! I definitely needed courage to complete this task. I've never been an athletic person and have lots of embarrassing memories from middle school attempting to be on different sports teams and being made fun for being so awkward and terrible. But luckily running doesn't require much coordination or competition. Reid ran in a marathon in October and just signed us both up for this half marathon. So, I was committed. It was a lot of training (the most I had ever run in my life when he signed us up was 4 miles!). I actually really enjoyed the training even though it was very hard. I wasn't focused on how fast I ran, just that I finished and I did!

Here I am at about mile 10...just before I got super nauseous during the last stretch.

During the race I was wondering why I ever committed to such a thing, but after a few days passed, I'm actually considering running another one in October. Maybe I'm crazy.

Here we are drinking chocolate milk. Apparently it's the perfect post-run drink...weird!

And those are my top 5 for Friday! (linked up here)

My New Love: The Kilim Rug

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

You all know I love a good home decor makeover. Some may say it's my addiction. Since we've lived in our house, the living room has been through many transformations. I am always tweaking my style. I've added a new addition to the living room and I'm in LOVE! Before I reveal what it is, here is a recap of all of what my living room has been through in the past 5 years.

Let's not forget how it all started. I still can't believe our house once looked like this. Crazy.

This was our quick fix before we moved in. Much more presentable, but nothing great:

Then after painting the brick and getting a new rug, it was transformed to this! This is how it has been up until a few months ago:

I loved my rug from Home Decorators. It treated us well for over 4 years! We chose an indoor/outdoor rug which was such a smart choice with kids. We could literally hose it off if it got nasty. After getting our new sofas, it was time to start thinking about a new rug. Here is the sofa transformation. Before:

And After (with a slightly lighter wall color):

Next, we built a DIY tufted ottoman from a coffee table:

And FINALLY the moment you've been waiting for!  Since I LOVED my rug from Home Decorators so much, I was absolutely thrilled to find out that they wanted to send me a new rug for my new living room! I knew I wanted to go with an indoor/outdoor rug again since I had such a good experience with my last one. I wanted to get away from anything brown since my living room has transitioned into more cool gray tones.

Here are some of the ones I considered:

Can you guess what I ended up with? If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know.

 The Kilim Rug!  I love the geometric pattern and the blue color is just perfect. It came 2 days after I ordered it online!

We immediately opened it up and moved the old one out.  Here it is in action! 

It just completes the space perfectly.

Surprisingly, it's so soft and plush. I would associate an indoor/outdoor rug with something really rough but this is definitely very soft.

And our old rug? Well for now we moved it into our dining room.

Someday I may move it outside onto our patio.

Did you notice anything different about our shelves?

It's very subtle, but I decided I wanted a deeper shade of blue for the backs of the built ins. I used some leftover dining room paint and transformed them from this (Before):

To this! (after)

Just slightly darker for a more dramatic look. There is my very long living room story. I'm sure I'm not done transforming it yet!

And just for dramatic purposes. Here is the living room BEFORE:

And here it is AFTER!

The End!

Basement Progress Part 2

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

As promised, I'm back with another basement update. Now the room is actually functional which makes me so happy. It's been serving the girls great as a playroom.  All that is left is the finishing decorative touches, some curtains and some more toy storage. Then maybe I will tackle the mini kitchen and the guest room. Here is how it was looking in the last update after it was all painted, but nothing was moved in yet:

And here it is now (IN PROGRESS) with some toys moved in:

See that little table? It used to be in our kitchen and then was living in our garage. We decided to cut the legs down to make it a kid sized art table. I'm on the hunt for chairs or stools to go with it and I plan to paint it as well.
In 5 minutes in went from adult size to kid size!

We also updated the light fixtures. Here is a shot of the old one:

And here are the 2 new ones we snagged at Home Depot:

The most challenging part was painting the stairwell.  A super high ceiling over a narrow stairway make it rather difficult to paint. We had to borrow two different ladders to reach all of the angles.  Here is the stairwell before:

Here it is rigged with our rather treacherous ladder situation:

And finally after! So much better. Any ideas on some fun artwork to hang on the big tall wall?

I bought some storage cubes that I plan to make labels for so that the girls know exactly where the toys belong.

I also hope to add some fun elements to the shelves as well as some roman shades on the windows

And maybe a cute little awning over the play table/kitchen area

I will be sure to be back with more updates as they come!


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